Donna Guyler Interior Design

Recent works for local designer Donna Guyler resulted in some beautiful pieces installed. From floating shelves, artworks, mirrors light and heavy to dining table assembly and positioning. Art INSTALL Aus covered the lot. On budget, on time and care and professionalism at all times. If you are in the industry or just have some artwork you want displayed book us in through the contact form. You won’t be disappointed.

This particular mirror was very heavy (over 25 kilos). A split batten mounting system was used to insure its installation was safe, level and permanent. Heavy mirrors such as these should only be installed by professionals. We would rather see your expensive mirror or artworks installed right the first time than be called in after it has fallen and damaged, not only for cost sake but for safety sake. Don’t risk it!! For total peace of mind and affordable service contact Art INSTALL Aus.