Hanging Chair Installation

One of this weeks items installed was a hanging chair. These are a great way to relax on that balcony on a balmy summers evening. There are lots of ways to hang them and it all depends on the structure as to how and what methods are used for the installation. In this case an eyebolt was used installed into a suspended concrete slab overhead. To ensure the fittings strength and integrity a chemical system widely known as Chemset was used. This is a Ramset product but there are a few on the market. This system is widely used in the construction industry for all types of rigging and installations. Mechanical bolts such as the common dynamic bolt etc are not suitable as they can forge loose after the jolting and swinging motions that this type of hanging demand. The last scenario we want is for this chair to end up on the floor whilst relaxing right?

If you want it installed correctly—–Just Call ART INSTALL!!