Private Artwork Collection Installed by Art INSTALL Aus

Art Install Aus was recently engaged to install a private collection of beautiful artwork in a private residence. The bulk of the artwork and wall hangings were fantastic oil paintings collected over many years from all corners of the globe. The largest of the collection were the ‘cats’ from Africa which were approximately 1.6m x 1.1m. Our client had recently relocated and this was the first time the complete collection was on display all in the one home. Scott from Dawsons Framing¬†was also engaged to reframe some pieces to improve appearances and matching of pieces when hung in the same room. I worked closely with the client to position artworks by theme and each room now has a theme dedicated to a certain country or origin making the home an experience to walk through and view these beautiful pieces. I also put together a pool room of sports memorabilia including framed signed football jerseys and photography. The client now is reframing a collection of family portraits which i will hang for them upon completion.

Art INSTALL Aus – If you want it on the wall—-call Art Install. 0413660838