Renovations Boom

With the lack of travel options, its pretty obvious people are staying at home and home making. Upon returning from recent shoulder surgery I have been surprised by how busy the interior design sector is. People are working from home, setting up home studios, offices and making their homes more liveable more practical and more stylish. Art Install Aus services the whole of the interior styling sector from those who like to DIY to the high end designers, property stylists, builders and project entrepreneurs. With a big shift in the realestate sales market a lot of homes are styled for resale, people are moving and with that comes the job of relocating art and hanging new and old artwork in new abodes. The industry is busy here on the Gold Coast and busy people need reliability and cost effective solutions to any project at hand. If you want it on the wall—call Art Install its that simple. Great rates, commercial rates and services for stylists and those in the industry. We work with customers and clients to achieve professional results that create repeat work for us and customer satisfaction for all. Make your project one step easier, just give us a call. Prompt reliable service with great results.