Swords Shield and Sculpture

This week Art Install Aus was engaged to hang 2 swords, a shield and a sculpture. These Items were collected separately by our client. with a clear view of how they wished to be displayed they called Art Install to assist on the installation. Upon the first visit it was deemed we would have to fabricate first a mounting system. The mounts were all fabricated in house and then a seperate visit to site to install. The outcome as you can see is that our client has ended up with a magnificent display, it has been professionally installed and looks amazing.

The sculpture represents a dragons head and is created from a root system of a tree. The top of this sculpture was approximately 4.5 metres high which makes the installation that little bit more difficult. A template was first created, engaging the clients input and opinion of positioning and placement before being tranferred on to the wall in which the display was mounted.

Fantastic outcome, another happy client.

If you want it on the wall—–CALL ART INSTALL !!!!

Sword Display

Sword Display

Custom made Sword Mounting